About Me

I am Myles Lewando (pronounced 'le-van-doe'), a web developer and designer specialising in cartography, web-GIS and data visualisation.

By day, I work as a front-end web developer at Adgistics. By night, I work on web and map projects ranging from personal, to humanitarian and non-profit, to commercial.

I am an open-source and open-data advocate and I value web accessibility, inclusive design and self-directed digital learning. I also have an affinity for space, ecology, insects, and the macabre (hence the pseudonym / company name 'CodeMacabre').

I'd love to help you with your map or web project, particularly if it's open source or aligned with my interests and values. Get in touch!

About CodeMacabre

Being fascinated by medical history, mortality and art, I naturally veer towards darker themes. One of my favourite series of artworks are Hans Holbein's Danse Macabre woodcuts. The meaning behind these prints aligns surprisingly closely with ideas of inclusivity and equality and, as a developer, it felt like an obvious progression to consider a Code Macabre, a modern-day progression of the danse.

That inclusivity and equality is a fundamental right of everyone, regardless of our gender, sexuality, race, mental or physical ableness, wealth, etc. The code that powers the web and beyond should respect those rights; the danse macabre's idea of 'equality in mortality' and respecting others accordingly rings true today across our physical and digital lives; and beyond.

CodeMacabre therefore is my mission; I intend to work towards these tenets with everything I do, starting with the web.