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A web developer, designer & mapper with a touch of the macabre.

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Mortality Map (2019)

An interactive map of global mortality with accompanying data visualisations. Coming soon… (2018 - present)

A Mars mission tracker. Currently in development.

Cartogaming (2018 - present)

A Steam curator page (and associated group), dedicated to discovering games with interesting or unusual cartography, navigation and exploration mechanics.

PlanetaryXR (2017 - present)

An AR / VR web app featuring 3D maps and models of planetary bodies. Currently in development.

OpenPlanetaryMap (contributor, 2017 - present)

An open planetary mapping and social platform built for planetary researchers, mappers, space enthusiasts and students, educators and storytellers. Currently in development.

Worldview (contributor, 2017)

A tool from NASA's EOSDIS providing the capability to interactively browse global, full-resolution satellite imagery.

BumbleBot (2017)

A Twitter bot, tweeting procedurally generated pollinators.

ObitBot (2016)

A Twitter bot, tweeting procedurally generated obituaries.

Disasterwatch (contributor, 2016)

A crowdsourced platform for event localisation and monitoring via remote sensed data.

Wastes of Nought (unreleased)

A polar expedition simulator.


CodeMacabre is Myles Lewando (pronounced 'le-van-doe').

I am a learning technologist at the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University by day; by night, a freelance web developer, designer and mapper. I have strong interests in cartography and data visualisation, experimental interaction systems, digital learning, and I am an open-source and open data advocate.

My style tends towards space 🛰️, invertebrates 🕷️ and the macabre ⚰️.