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Morbid experiments in digital cartography, specialising in web development, mapping and interaction.

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Web (2018)

A Mars mission tracker. Currently in development.

PlanetaryXR (2017)

An AR / VR web app featuring 3D maps and models of planetary bodies. Currently in development.

OpenPlanetaryMap (contributor, 2017)

An open planetary mapping and social platform built for planetary researchers, mappers, space enthusiasts and students, educators and storytellers.

Worldview (contributor, 2017)

A tool from NASA's EOSDIS providing the capability to interactively browse global, full-resolution satellite imagery.

Disasterwatch (contributor, 2016)

A crowdsourced platform for event localisation and monitoring via remote sensed data.


Wastes of Nought (unreleased)

A polar expedition simulator.


BumbleBot (2017)

A Twitter bot, tweeting procedurally generated pollinators.

ObitBot (2016)

A Twitter bot, tweeting procedurally generated obituaries.


CodeMacabre is Myles Lewando (pronounced 'le-van-doe'), a freelance GIS specialist and web developer, and a learning technologist at the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University. Aside from cartography, I have a strong interest in experimental interaction systems and digital learning, and I am an open-source and open data advocate.

I am always happy to discuss anything space, maps, space maps… or insects.